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Wickedly Fantastic Images


About Me

My philosophy is always to have fun with my photography and in the process to stimulate conversation and to provoke discussion about life, beauty, ugliness and sensuality. The means to an end is as important as the end itself. I encourage my models to have fun as well, and to fully enjoy the photographic experience.

I strive to make my photo sessions comfortable and enjoyable whether on location or in the studio. I work with my models to create the best photos possible from the session, whether they’re a paying client, an experienced model, or a brand new model exchanging Time for Prints. The goal is always to capture their personality and to present it in photographic form.

Portfolio Developmen

I can work with beginning models to create images unique to your portfolio that express your personality, style and look.

For established models, I can create images to update your book with new looks & styles to expand your modeling opportunities.


For select models I am willing to provide limited TFP (Time for Print) opportunities in exchange for working in one or more of my on-going book projects.
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